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Introductions: Comic for Sunday, Jan 27, 2002
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Elliot and Tedd wrap up introductions.

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ElliotIs it just me, or does the school look like it was made by tracing an image of Dan's old school in order to compensate for his inability to draw perspective well?
TeddIt's you. Shut up
ElliotThis is our school, Moperville North. We're juniors here, and...
ElliotWe're still taking care of intro stuff, Tedd.
TeddBut that sucks!!! Isn't there anything better to do?
ElliotWell, I suppose we could try to figure out what that German scientist said yesterday...
Tedd"Assistant, Could you censored my censored with your censored?"
ElliotWow...dude...that's just disturbing...
TeddOh yeah? Well why don't you tell me some of your theories then!
Dr. GermahnActually, if you really want to know. I just asked her to clean my desk with her toothbrush.
ElliotNow why the...
TeddYou mean your assistant is cleaning your desk with a tooth brush?! Like right now?! Can i watch?!
Dr. GermahnSure.
ElliotI suppose whether or not Tedd takes interest in something is a good way to determine whether or not it should be censored...

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