El Goonish Shive
Part 1 - Open The Box: Comic for Thursday, May 30, 2002
"Wow... Freaky."
Comic number: 0130
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Tedd and Sarah talk.

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Tedd*grumble grumble* Tony sucks *grumble*
SarahHey Tedd. What are you so mad about?
TeddOh, ah, nothing. Nothing at all. Sup?
SarahWell, um, do you know where Elliot is? I haven't seen him all day.
TeddActually, I just got off the pay phone with him. That wuss is at home after breaking up with some chick I've never heard of and claims to be trying to think of a way to make things up to this other girl he truly loves and frankly I question if either of these women actually exist.
SarahWhat exactly/u> did he say?!
TeddHuh? why do you care?
SarahWhat the hell...?
RatI'm Rat; to my left is Matt. So, you're the hacks who are the stars of the comic that is rightfully ours?!

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