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Part 3 - Set Up The Pieces: Comic for Saturday, Jun 29, 2002
"Susan's Judgment"
Comic number: 0160
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Susan describes the vices of men using Elliot as her example until Sarah stops her.

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SarahFor the record, Susan, I think men and women are equals and should be treated as such.
ElliotI agree.
SusanOh please. Men are insensitive jerks who are lead around by little sticks. They don't give a damn about how a woman feels so long as they're getting some action. Heck, Elliot is a perfect example of this!
Susan(off screen) He invites poor Sarah here to his martial arts class just to show off his busty girlfriend, and on top of that Sarah is in love with the jerk and he's aware of this the whole time!
ElliotHe didn't know that... I mean, he actually does want her to learn to... I... He... He wanted to do the right thing but he messed up real bad...
SusanYou know the story already? Why even try to defend him?! I don't care what his reasons were, he was cowardly and stupid and despite what you may think I don't think he gives a damn about Sarah here and--
SarahDammit Susan! Elliot and I have already talked about this and he knows how stupid he acted but now we're together as a couple so shut the hell up!!!

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