El Goonish Shive
Part 5 - Knock The Board Over: Comic for Tuesday, Aug 6, 2002
"How Hard Can it be To Jump Out a Window?"
Comic number: 0190
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Ellen fakes out Elliot.

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EllenOut of my way, Double.
ElliotWhy do you keep calling me "Double"? Aren't you supposed to be my duplicate?
EllenI ain't your property. Move.
ElliotI'm not letting you past! We're all gonna leave here together! I don't see how you think you'll be able to get by me... I know all of your strengths and weaknesses!
Ellen(looking behind Elliot) Yeah, and I know yours...
Elliot(taking his eyes off Ellen) ...What exactly are you looking at...?
TeddEliot, you idiot! Eyes forward!!!
Ellen(thinking) So wonderfully predictable...

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