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Part 6 - Scattered Pieces: Comic for Wednesday, Sep 4, 2002
"Ironically, I Liked Most of My Science Teachers"
Comic number: 0203
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Ellen stands up to the science teacher.

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Second Period. Generic Science 101
Ellen(thinking) Dammit, what can I do to get my double in trouble?! I want to be certain he's in trouble upon his return, but...
Science TeacherWhy hello again, "Ellen"! Wearing a suit now, are we? That doesn't seem right for you nowadays... Why not a nice dress, hmm...?
Ellen gives the teacher a fiery glare
Science Teacher(thinking) Oh-oh...
EllenYou're insensitive, you don't care about your students, and your class is freaking pointless! I ain't staying for this crap, you hear me?!
Science TeacherL-loud and clear!
EllenOh yeah-- And I damn well better be getting in trouble for this!
Science Teacher...Sure, no problem...

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