El Goonish Shive
Part 7 - Fist Fight: Comic for Tuesday, Nov 26, 2002
"To the Rescue With Hidden Talents"
Comic number: 0236
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As the rest of the group prepare to rescue Ellen and Nanase, Grace uses het antenna to stop the Goo from killing the girls.

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Sensei GregI think it's our turn now, people!
-vwoom- as a sword appears in Susan's hands
*slorp* *sloop* as the goo attacks with sharp claws
EllenLeave her out of this you bastard!!!
Grace's glasses fall to the ground as her antenna pop out.
NanaseThey stopped?
-vwoom- and the claws glow pink.
JustinWhat happened?
SusanI think she did...
Grace's antenna are out and have pink busts at their tips.

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