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Shade, Part 1: Comic for Saturday, Mar 2, 2002
And YOU Thought She Was the NORMAL One
Comic number: 0041
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Sarah arrives at Tedd's house.

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  • Tedd's House

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ElliotOk, it took some convincing and a whole lot of complimenting of her artistic skill and fashion sense, but she’s on her way.
TeddWhy is she coming here? We just need her to get clothes.
ElliotEh, I think my compliments went to her head. She said something about needing to see Grace to know what to get her.
TeddI never thought Sarah would come back to my house…
ElliotHey, you turned her back to normal. She’s got no reason to hold a grudge.
insert obnoxious doorbell noise here
TeddThat must be her.
TeddSup-- Sarah?!
SarahHello Tedd. Take me to the girl: I have work to do.